Slide of Dis/connect, 1993.
Slide of Dis/connect, 1993.
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Norie Sato


Norie Sato’s work for Lux Aeterna includes two pieces: a re-iteration of a 1974 videotape, Horizon, to be shown on a Philco television set from the 50s, having a "conversation with itself" on a television set from the 90s. Her sculptural installation, Dis/Connect (2021), is an updated/recreation of a piece she made in 1993, which is about the passage of time and the elusiveness of image.

Artist Bio—

Norie Sato lives in Seattle, where she makes sculpture and two-dimensional work in various media, including glass, metal, terrazzo floors, integrated design, landscape, video, and light. She has worked in video installation, sculpture and tape since the 1970s, and has used low technology to imitate high technology in her more static works. Her work about memory and the elusiveness of physical form comes from the technology of analog cathode ray tubes. She also makes work for public contexts, striving to add meaning and human touch to the built environment. Her projects are located around the country, including for the San Diego International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Salt Lake City Light Rail, and the new Port of Portland Headquarters.