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Stephanie Simek


A Singular Post is a short-run publication intended for distribution through the postal service. Suppose the traveled parcel is a fulcrum bridging two perspectives: The sender looks into the future, while the recipient receives a message from the past (much like seeing the ever-delayed reflection of sunlight off the moon). Through form, image, and text, this publication considers singularities, workarounds, and structural anomalies as means for re-envisioning information systems and imagining other modes of connecting.

Artist Bio—

Stephanie Simek works with a wide array of materials, making works in two dimensions, three dimensions, time, and sound. Projects have included a room-sized crystal radio, a spacesuit indicator badge, and an observatory tower in Corinth, Vermont. Simek has made exhibitions and had residencies at Signal Culture, Museum of Contemporary Craft, Melanie Flood Projects, PDX Contemporary, Littman Gallery at Portland State University, Feldman Gallery at Pacific Northwest College of Art, and Fairbanks Gallery at Oregon State University. She has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2007.

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