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Studio for Propositional Cinema


Ancient Knowledge Survivalist Manifesto is part of a project by Studio for Propositional Cinema called Ancient Knowledge Survival Kit, an "archive and diagram of what and how we have built and a mechanism to decipher it; a guide to make our future ruins articulate so our ruination may sound a foghorn guiding the future away from repeating our catastrophe, towards a future that we could have had and still, if we want it, may find." It was hand-printed in a small linotype printing workshop in Naples, Italy, as part of an ongoing series of publications published by A Gust of Wind. A Gust of Wind is simultaneously a publishing entity and an archetypal fictional character who has appeared in several past works by Studio for Propositional Cinema.

Artist Bio—

Studio for Propositional Cinema was founded in 2013 in Düsseldorf. Solo exhibitions and projects include Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples (2019); Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover (2017); Swiss Institute New York, New York (2017); Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (2016); Taylor Macklin, Zurich (2016); Kunsthaus Bregenz, Bregenz (2016); Tanya Leighton, Berlin (2015); mumok, Vienna (2015). Performances: LISTE Performance Project, Basel (2018); Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf (2017); Kunsthal Bergen, Bergen (2016); Index, Stockholm (2016).

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